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Car Body Polish Carnauba Wax+Car Dashboard and Leather Polish


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Carnauba Wax is the hardest natural wax known to man. It produced by palm tree in Brazil to coat its leaves and shield them from the intense tropical sun. It sheds water and its clear.The wax is harvested every year and graded according to its color, where it was grown, and its purity.The highest grade is put into wavex carnauba wax polish. Wavex Dashboard and Leather Conditioner+ Protectant is a multi-surface shield for your vehicle’s interior. It maintains the supple, fresh texture of vinyl, leather, plastic, and rubber while blocking out harmful UV rays. Treated surfaces resist fading, drying, and cracking so your interior maintains a fresh new look. It keeps interior surfaces looking like new for the life of your vehicle. Wavex Dashboard and Leather Conditioner+ Protectant penetrates the surface to create an invisible shield that repels water and dirt so interior surfaces require less cleaning. In the long run, your vehicle’s seats, door panels, and dashboard will resist aging. In addition to UV blockers, It contains a mild cleaner to remove surface dust and dirt. In most cases, this may be the only product you need to clean and preserve your interior. However, if your interior surfaces are badly soiled or neglected, use Wavex PLVR-Plastic, Leather, Vinyl , Rubber Cleaner to remove severe soil. Follow with Wavex Dashboard and Leather Conditioner+ Protectant to maintain the clean appearance.

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