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Decorative Shark Fin Style Anti-Static Dummy Antenna


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  • Product Code: Dec9137

100% brand new and high quality material : high-quality abs material features: it can achieve the purpose of decoration, let your car more brilliant. Make your car cool and distinctive.Durable, classic, handy and beautiful. Style : shark fin(shark fins, streamlined design makes the car more beautiful). Features: This is a replacement part for your antenna. Specifications: Height: 65mm/2.6inch Width: 70mm/2.8inch Length:170mm /6.3inch. Using Method: First Step : 1. Please put the number 4 located laber on the for front and the end of the number 1 antenna. 2. Please refer to the location of the laber. Put the antenna housing on the vehicle to make sure the correct paste location. 3 Please adjust the position of the locatedlaber, during the time, mak a visual check a visual check sure the product is on the middle place of the vehicle. Second Step : 1. Please clean this part of the car and make it dry. 2. Please uncover the bottom of the double sided and bed it, use tools such as hair dryer to preheat. 3. Please pay attention to the signal component. If medicine sticks to the paint of the car, the paint might be discolor. 4. Please pay attention burn to damage when using the hair dryer. 5.Please clean the position where you stick the double sided adhesive. 6. Please put the signal components on the correct place in order to avoid the paint on the car become discolor. 7. You can uncover the back of the body of no. antenna for about 5CM, bend it from the outside, preheat it with tools such as hair dryer. Third Step : 1. Use fix screw gasket, antenna main part fix the real position of original antenna fix the connection side on the up side position. 2. Bend the connection side of the antenna to present horizontally. 3. Cover the car antenna bracket with this item to focus on the tape board tear the body paper and fix the item. 4. Focus position of the tape board be careful to fix tongh of the item do not spare over strength to damage the appearance.

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